Tree Quilt


I was inspired to create this quilt during my week off from work around July 4.  I saw a image on pinterest of a wall painting in a kids room that had a great tree.  I took the image, printed it out on my printer and decided I would make a quilt out of it.  I had no idea how I was going to get this image from an 8 1/2 x 11 piece of paper to a quilt size image.  So, I decided to practice drawing it free hand in my sketch book a few times.  Much to my surprise, I discovered that I was actually capable of free hand drawing my own version of the tree.  I then decided to just go for it and increase the size in my head and simply sketch it out to fit my quilt.  Here’s my freehand sketch that started off the quilt.

I really wasn’t too sure of my ability at this point and was concerned with what was going to occur as I cut it out and ended up with lots of little pieces of fabric.  I pushed on and over the last month this idea has continued to evolve into something I didn’t really consider when I first started.  I have found that it takes me a few hours to really get my mind focused (or lost without all those other distractions like work and the hundreds of emails).  Once my mind is focused, the sky is the limit.  My focus seems to be a lack of focus more than anything…where there are no rules and no deadlines, where the thoughts flow effortlessly.  Here’s progress so far….

You will notice that my creativity ‘creates’ a mess along the way….it seems better that way.  I also do the same thing when I bake in the kitchen…my husband will tell you stories of Christmas baking past.  You will also notice my sweet chocolate lab Cali in the photos…she and her brother (Baja the yellow lab) often find their way onto whatever project I am working on.  There are many quilt photos where they play a starring role.  More to come on this quilt as I have only just finished the applique and have a good full day of quilting to finish up.


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