The Simple Things…That Make Me Happy


On my way into work early yesterday morning, I found myself thinking about the really simple things that make me happy.  The reality is that we spend so much time focusing on what we need to improve upon, do differently, do a little bit more or better that we often don’t stop to just appreciate what is.  So, in that moment (one of the only times of the day that is quiet enough to think this way), I made a mental list of things that really make me happy.

  • Rain falling from the sky (not drizzle, but rain)
  • The smell of rain
  • The color orange
  • Pumpkins (thus the color orange maybe)
  • Fall – The Season
  • Fresh Sheets & Lots of Heavy Covers
  • Fresh Air and Open Windows
  • The smell of a new book (even though I don’t buy them much anymore because of my ipad)
  • The songs that bring you right back in the moment
  • A good hug when I walk in the front door
  • Anticipation and the butterflies that come with it
  • Accomplishment and how fleeting it is…that one moment in time before things move on
  • Challenge
  • Creating
Now, it’s really easy to make a list of those things that you “buy” that you think bring you happiness (shoes, handbags, etc), but I intentionally tried to stay away from those quick and easy fixes.  And, do they really bring you happiness anyways?  I think we would like to think so, but in the end probably not.
Off to create today…finish a few projects and start some new ones.  Photos coming later.
Happy Day

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