Homemade Gifts


I am inspired by all the ideas out there for homemade gifts.  One of the things that I love to do is to give gifts.  I take gift giving very seriously.  It is something that takes time and thought.  I like to consider each person that I am giving the gift to and figuring out what they would most like even if they don’t “need” it.  It’s like a quest for me.  But, it seems with the internet and everything right at our fingertips nowadays it is even harder to find gifts.  I have recently been inspired by all the posts and ideas for homemade gifts.  I thought I would share some of them with you and we can be inspired together.  At the same time, I am wondering if I can pull off some of these gifts for the upcoming holidays or I am kidding myself?  For now, let’s just browse:

Homemade Body Scrub – So, my favorite body scrub is from L’Occitane although it is a bit pricey and I usually only get is as a gift.  It’s not something that I would purchase for myself.  And, then I came across the idea to do a homemade body scrub…really?  Is it possible?  Click on the image below to take you to Stephanie Lynn’s website:

Here’s another link to make peppermint foot scrub at the Idea Room.  I really love this idea as a gift and the monogram, container and bow shown above.  What a great idea.

Now, here’s a great gift for a family…ice cream kit.  The original idea from Tip Junkie.  This is so adorable.

Ice Cream Kit

You could even make it fancier by getting the cute Crate & Barrel ice cream scoopers:

Crate & Barrel Ice Cream Scoopers

How about peppermint hot cocoa all packaged up and ready in a cute jar.  This idea comes from Better Homes and Gardens and is economical too!

Peppermint Hot Chocolate

Pair it with some great mugs from Pottery Barn and you have an entire gift.

Pottery Barn Mug Pairing

And, this is one of the simplest and one of my favorites from Southern Vogue.  It is adorable:

Halloween Smores....

If you want to do more than just a single smore kit, you can go for the family size kit from Rachel Berry’s Blog:

Family Smore Kit

There are many more ideas where these came from on my PinterestGifts for You” Board.  I am inspired to try out some of these handmade gifts.  How about you?  Now to find the time 🙂

Be Inspired



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