Red, Black and White


I have this pile of fabric that I have collected over the years that is red, black and white.  I have always been attracted to these colors especially with polka dots and stripes.  But, it seems that I was never inspired to create anything with it.  Until I found this fabulous flower fabric with grey background that I loved.  I bought it a few weeks ago and started eyeing my other black, white and red fabric and it was a match!!  Here’s the ongoing collection of black and red fabrics….

Black & Red "Stash"

Here’s the inspiration fabric….

Inspiration Fabric

Planning my quilt top and the color combination…always a tough decision.

Planning the Quilt

I chose a simple beginner pattern so that you could get the full effect of the colors and the patterns.  Here it is coming together:

Sewing in Rows

Sewing on the First Border

Here’s the finished quilt top ready for the batting and backing:

Finished Quilt Top

Quilt Top with my Trusted Companion...Baja

So, here it will wait until next weekend to me matched with some soft batting and a backing and ready to quilt.  Now, off to get ready for the week ahead.

Be Inspired



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