Finished Product (I am referring to the quilt…)


I had a productive weekend.  I finished up the red, white and black quilt that I started last weekend.  It turned out really great.  It’s a perfect size baby quilt.  Here are some photos:

For this quilt, I used some new techniques.  I would like to thank Red Pepper Quilts for the Binding Tutorial on her blog.  It is a great tutorial and I have started using a different (machine) binding method rather than the slower hand method.  I am still mastering the technique, but thank you!

When I said that I had a productive weekend…I was not joking.  I made it to yoga twice…thanks to CorePower…I am officially addicted even though I often look for escape routes during class.  Yoga really is one of the hardest that I have every tried.  I have run a marathon, finished a mini-triathalon and biked from SF to LA.  AND, yoga is still pretty challenging….not to mention the clear mind that I have afterward.  That “clear mind” is what you should be scared of!  🙂

In addition, I listed a few things for sale on my very own etsy page.  I thought I would try it and see what happens.  I personally love etsy and think that the items on there are so creative, unique and amazing.  I never thought I would be so brave to post myself.  So here goes:  Wendy’s Etsy Page

If next week is anything like last week, it will challenge everything I know and don’t know.  Here’s to keeping a positive attitude when all hell breaks loose!  The good news…it is FALL!  (Not like I can tell since it is 85 degrees outside…boooo)

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