Splash of Color – Orange & Aqua


I tend to gravitate towards saturated color palettes.  They are vibrant and full of life.  One of my favorites is turquoise/aqua and orange.  Rather than write about why they inspire me, let me show you….

Orange Love

Orange is rich and engaging to me. It seems welcoming and engaging.  The possibilities seem endless.  It is strong and never seems to back down.


Aqua / Turquoise seems energetic and full of possibility.  It is the color I think of when I think of the ocean off an island far away.  And, these two color mixed together are heaven.  🙂

Really Like the Shades of These Colors Mixed w/ Grey Undertones

Great Looks Mixed with Some Accessories & Even a Splash of White

Back Painted Hutch...and the Chair...<3

Great Mixture of Texture & Color

Really Like the Feel These Colors Give Indoor Spaces - Elegant

You can find more of this intriguing color combination on my Orange & Aqua Pinterest Board.  The funny thing is that I can’t recall every making a quilt out of these colors.  Maybe this is next on my list!  Have a great week.


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  1. Wendy your pics are stunning and I too love orange / blue / aqua etc.
    Complimentary opposites and so dynamic!
    Have just found your blog 🙂

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