Pretty Much Sums It Up…..


I am sometimes pretty hard on myself … how, when, why, are you prepared, are you ready, do I have the right outfit (because the outfit and shoes matter)….

Aren’t we all hard on ourselves?

I tend to over think things at times and there are times when I don’t think at all and it comes right out of my mouth with a level of intensity that even surprises myself.  We are sometimes our own worst critic, our own editors…there is a balance between being “you” and controlling “you”.  In times of stress, this seems harder for me.  I tend to be overly critical and outthink even myself.  When, in reality, I should let it flow and trust me.

Hmmmm…now that’s a concept.  

And, then there are times that I completely wing it and just point myself in the direction and start walking.  This is usually the best remedy for my over-thinking, over-analyzing, over-critical self…..

I am not sure how I am going to get from here to there, but I know that I will get there when I need to and when I am supposed to.  All that happens along the way is the gift of the journey.

Heavy for a Tuesday night, right?  I don’t know where this stuff comes from….it’s just here and I write.  Maybe I am the only one that thinks these crazy things…anyone?

And, I keep moving forward one step at a time….


What do you have to say? :)

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