Boxes & More Boxes


The moving began this weekend.  The official move date is actually this Thursday, but I wanted to at least start packing this weekend as I have a crazy two weeks ahead of me at work.  The good news is that with the help of my mom, I was able to get the kitchen, pantry and my closet completely moved!  To me, these are the hardest three areas to move.  There is no creativity in moving I thought initially.  Except for the fact that you actually find out how much your car can actually hold in one trip or you find out that you can move your entire kitchen without using one ounce of bubble wrap or newspaper.  You just have to go slow over the bumps and you will have no casualties!  While I dislike the act of moving, I do like the thought of a new start and getting everything organized.

I met with the moving company that we are using to move our big furniture.  He told me that some people hire them to do a photo move.  And, what exactly is that?  Oh….it is when they take photos of every drawer, cupboard, etc in your house, then pack everything, move it and place it in the new house exactly as it was in the photo.  I don’t know about you, but I would be a bit freaked out by anyone taking photos of my drawers first of all.  And, second of all, I am not so sure that I would want them put back the same way!  Of course, I don’t have to worry about that problem!

Evidence that I actually started the moving process….

Almost clean pantry....


All that is left to eat at the house....


Boxes....Already Filled & Emptied a Few Times

An Empty Closet...Usually an Excuse for more Shopping :-0

Good progress for a few days work.  I really couldn’t have done it without the help of my mom who kept me motivated when I was ready to hang it up!!  Of course, there was no help from Cali…she decided to take a rest while we were packing.

Cali Helping with the Move

I sure hope that I don’t get tired of wheat bread and peanut butter for the rest of the week.  Or, that Mike doesn’t expect any gourmet dinners!  For now, I will leave you with the inspiration of the week:

Carry on and have a fabulous week!

P.S. I had my first etsy purchase today!  Yeah!  Someone purchased one of my favorite items…the fall table runner.  Perfect for November!


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