Two Weeks in November


The last two weeks have been a whirlwind from a big presentation at work to moving to a business trip to Nashville and a few more presentations.  I wasn’t sure two weeks ago how was going to fit all this in let alone do it well.  That seems to be the thing that hangs me up the most…if I am going to do something, I want to do it well.  And, if I can’t do it well….well, it bugs me A LOT!  I did my best over the past two weeks and seemed to make it through.  I didn’t do everything perfect or well, but I made it through the best that I could.  Here is the last two week in photos…quite a whirlwind if you ask me:

Work...Preparing for the Big Presentation

The messier my desk is…the more that gets done.  Of course, it cleaned every day before I leave.  See that saying below….”Be Decisive – Even if it means sometimes you’ll be wrong”  Love it.

Lots of Diet Pepsi Needed to Fuel this Journey....

Move Day...Glad That's Over

Gaylord Opryland....Mix Between Disney and Vegas maybe?

Downtown Nashville....Live Music at Every Stop

Live Music at "Losers" - Past American Idol Contestant

Still Rocking on Top of the Bar after 1am....Made for an Early Rise the Next Day

Gaylord Opryland....not so sure yet...

Couldn't Leave Nashville without BBQ - Jack's BBQ

Orange Glow on the Plane Ride West....

So, it was an eventful two weeks and I am glad to be home with a holiday week ahead of me so that I can settle in to our new house (to us) and nest a bit more.  All of the boxes have been unpacked and generally organized except for one room….the sewing room which is calling my name.  Then, after that, the fun of decorating and the entire house begins.

My Sewing Room....W A I T I N G

Before and after photos to come of the house….can’t wait to start decorating and putting new holes in the walls!!


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