In the Moment


In an effort to live in the moment, I am jumping on the InstaFriday band wagon with a bunch of other bloggers.  It is a great way to remind myself that it is the little things that count each day.  I sometimes get so focused on what is coming and  what I should be doing that I forget about the now.  I worry about how it’s going to turn out, who is going to talk to who and what will come of anything and everything that I lose site of the right now and do not enjoy the moment.  I was reminded by several wise people of that this week (my husband credit for this).  I think it comes from lack of control, but the reality is that you only have this very moment and nothing else is promised.  So, why worry about every single moment that is to come.  You will be there quick enough.

Of course, my first reaction when I was told to live in the moment and the here and now was HOW????  I don’t even know what that is.  Or, do I?  The moment seems so fleeting nowadays, but then I was reminded that it is all around us.  It just means taking in what is before you…the smell, the sight and the sound.  And, appreciating all of those things in that very moment.

So, here goes my appreciation of the moments over the last few days…

Starting at Target before the Black Friday crowds….wandering the aisles looking at the Christmas Decorations.  I like these lighted branches…at first I thought they were kind of corny, but they have grown on me.

Shopping at Target...I am in love with these lighted branches....

Then, a little daydreaming with a cookbook…so much possibility in one little book.

Daydreaming about these magazines

And, oh, my stubborn chocolate lab Cali.  She is exploring the new backyard and continues to push the limits.  She goes up on the banked portion of the yard and won’t come down.  Each time you get close enough to help her down, she makes herself so heavy that you couldn’t possibly lift her.  Life is always on her terms.  Hmmm…interesting.  Maybe I should consider that a bit.

My stubborn dog Cali....

I really forget how much I like baking until I set aside time for me to actually do it.  And, the mess I make is half the fun.

Let the Baking Commence

My best recipes look like this….they are covered in drips and drops all over.

Well Worn Recipe

And, the finished pumpkin cheesecake…nummy!

Pumpkin Cheesecake.... 🙂

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life rearranged

Have a great day!  My goal is to continue to live in the moment….how do you live in the moment?


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  1. Oh my the cheesecake looks GOOD 🙂 great pics and a really great post. This was something I myself have been thinking about this week…especially with Christmas coming up. I LOVE this season and quit frankly, I am not going to allow myself to miss moments/things by allowing myself to get stressed (with last minute things) or anything…instead…I’m going to sit back and enjoy life…my family…my friends…all of it 🙂 Just live and love and soak in this life He has given me 🙂 great post!!!

    • Thanks for stopping by…I even decided to make myself a list of things not to miss during the holidays. That way, I can be mindful of the moment. Thanks or your comments. It seems I am not the only one that feels this way!

  2. Lighted branches are pretty – but maybe I’m corny… If you have a JoAnns fabrics they usually abbé them 50-60% off .

    That pumpkin cheesecake looks heavenly. Thanks now I’m going to have to make one! Thanksgiving week is a bad time to peruse insta Friday blogs- too Many food pics!

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