The Week in Review

Loving the idea of phone photos  ( aka Insta Friday ) the week to catch life in action….this was a busy week for work and that’s mostly where I spent my time.
Gosh…she is beautiful…but, I am biased.  Quaint 750,000 square foot hospital in Escondido….she is coming along.  And, we are approaching the finish.  I cannot really believe it and take in all that has happened over the last few years.  It is amazing to work with such a talented group of men and women.  This building was built by the hands of over 5,000 hardworking individuals….we should all be proud.  One day sometime soon, this place will provide patient care to those in need.  Such an honor to be part of the journey.

Palomar Medical Center West....spending a lot of time here....still under construction....

Tours, tours and more tours.  Hard to be mad at all the people that want to come and see this great place.  It is not every day that a new hospital is built.  Tours…some nice and curious people, some not so nice and just plain rude people.  But, all in all, mostly respectful and gracious folks who just want their experience in this place to be before it opens and not after.  You can respect that.

lots of tours....people coming to check out the new hospital...

Lots of blue booties….on every foot that enters to minimize dust.  Kind of like blue smurfs but not as cute.

Lots of blue booties.....

She sure is pretty on the outside, but all the hard work is covered that went on behind the scenes.  This is the ceiling space…really a work of art and true craftsmenship in the finest sense.  Did I tell you how proud I am of this place and these people?

Checking out stuff in the ceiling....

Cruising west on Thursday evening towards an evening event….the sun was stunning and I tried to capture the moment without ending my life….beautiful.  And, I lived.  🙂

cruising on the freeway...

And, a surprise award for Board Member of the year.  I joined this board a year ago unsure of myself and my surroundings.  I took on a challenge with a group of people that weren’t so sure of me either.  I found strength in trying to figure it out and believing that I really could do something out of my comfort zone.  It has been a growth experience for me and something that has challenged me in ways I didn’t quite expect.  Another blessing…not the award, but the experience.

Getting an Award

And, the tulips that continue to amaze and open day by day until the first petal falls to the ground.  I love that quite sound and I heard it just a bit ago as the flowers start to deconstruct and gravity takes over.  So common, yet so amazing all at the same time.

Watching the Tulips open....

Still inspired by this shape …

Still daydreaming about quarterfoils

and those stripes….hopefully, I will find the time to sew those window panels this weekend.

and thinking about horizontal stripes

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