Spring in February ?


I do really enjoy flowers and gardening.  I haven’t really had much time of late, but I do often gaze into the yard.  Our new house has a great yard with lots of flowering plants that I love.  I keep thinking of all the tiny additions I could add to make it even more colorful.  The great thing is that all the hard part is done; all it needs is some small pops of color here and there, a little green thumb and some time.  It’s on the list of things to do for the spring.

For now, here are a few shots of spring in the making:

The orchid tree … I have always admired these trees, but never had the pleasure of having them in my yard.  They have these great double leaves and beautiful blooming flowers that resemble an orchid.


Next is the sweet pea bush which I have always like because of the texture of the leaves and the great sweet pea “like” purpose flowers….it is a great shrub.


Last and definitely not least is the wall of jasmine that is about to burst into bloom in the next few weeks.  You can see all of the pink buds in this photo which will all turn into beautiful spidery white flowers in the next few weeks with an amazing fragrance.


I also have a shade area that has beautiful ferns that I love because they are so delicate.

As I am uploading all these images, I am thinking about the other things that I haven’t shared….the bloom calla lilies, the gardenias, the azaleas, the lavendar and my favorite tipu trees (tipuana).

No instructions, nothing to do…just enjoy the photos.   🙂


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