Finding my creativity in every day things.  It has always been there, I just didn’t know where to find it or to believe in it.

From early on, I identified and responded to structure and form.  That led me into the construction field where structure is ever present.  Over time, I have realized that the structure is something that comes naturally, but it is protecting the creative side of me that wants out!  What I have learned is that both of these things can exist simultaneously; structure and creativity.  In fact, they can be a great compliment.  This is my journey to nurture that creativity and to seek the balance with the structure.

I share my life with my supportive and always encouraging husband, Mike, who always inspires me to more than I can even imagine for myself.  And, with my ever loyal labs who always manage their fair share of trouble (or money)!


What do you have to say? :)

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