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Easy Come … Easy Go


It is in this moment and in these days that I am reminded of the ebb and flow of life. For some reason, it seems to help me understand and explain the things that really have no reason to some people. I realize that without low moments in life, there really are no highs. Our lives are filled with both and they would lack their significance without their counterpart.

It seems like a sick joke on the eve of a very exciting milestone that I would also be contemplating the end of a life (sweet chocolate lab Cali). But in the moment that this thought crosses my mind, I realize that it was the way it was meant to be. In some ways, I would prefer to experience the joy and excitement without the opposite experience waiting in the wings. It seems that if you pay attention, this is part of the human condition.

About 17 or 18 years ago, I had noticed a nest on my patio that held three bird eggs. I closely watched it over the course of a few weeks. Until one weekend day, I woke up to find that the eggs had hatched. I crawled up on a ladder and snapped a photo. They were three cute little birds just starting their life. Later that day, I took my three year old golden retriever to the park to play frisbee. She unexpectedly died at the park with the frisbee in her mouth. After a few weeks, I developed my film and saw the photo of the baby birds. It was in that moment that I first realized the ebb and flow; easy come easy go.

It might seem like a corny story, but it is something that I often think back on when I question the ‘why’ of life. For me, it is not about ‘why’, it is just the way it is and the way it is meant to be. Do I sometimes want it different, certainly. But, I submit that I have no control over these things. All the great things in life do not exist unto themselves. They are all part of the ebb and flow.

I will remind myself of this as I walk forward into this week with great anticipation for some things and with great sadness for others. And, I am mindful of a hummingbird nest just outside my back door with a small white egg waiting to hatch.



Starting to Look a Lot Like Christmas & Pulling Teeth (Literally)


It was a busy week trying to wrap up all the loose ends at work (as if that is really possible).  I have finally realized that I will never have everything ‘done’ before I take time off at work.  I am either at that point in my career or in my life that I realize it simply isn’t even possible.  Yet, I still try every single time.

It certainly feels like the Christmas season around the house with presents under the tree, the smell of baking and 70 degree weather (yes, southern California is lovely this time of the year).  Although, I wouldn’t mind a chill in the air.

It’s starting to look a lot like Christmas…I narrowed down my Christmas decorations this year and really just kept those things that I absolutely loved.  I mean really loved.  Here’s a small sampling of this year’s tree.

The tree skirt is got to be at least 15 years old.  I made it by hand; it was a cross stitch pattern that I probably bought at Michael’s and took a few years to complete.  It needs to be updated I think; maybe a project for next year.  I am thinking it needs some type of quilt backing and an update on the edge ribbon.  We shall see.

I also tried my hand at a few hand made gifts besides the cookie baking and pretzel bag gifts in my previous post…I tried my hand at some homemade sugar scrub.  Stay tuned for that in my next post.

The biggest bummer about this week was that Cali went in to have her teeth cleaned only to come out with 11 teeth extracted.  Now, first, I feel like the biggest jerk dog owner in the world because her teeth were in this condition.  But, second, I signed up for a teeth cleaning, dropped her off and called to get a status only to find out that they removed 11 teeth.  The initial appointment was predicated on a teeth cleaning and maybe having to remove one tooth…NOT 11.  Much to my surprise when I called for her status, I was casually informed that she was doing well and that they had to remove 11 teeth.  My first response was “how many teeth does she have”.  Well, apparently they have 42.  I don’t know about you, but they would never remove 11 teeth out of a human at once.  NEVER.  I am not a happy camper.  I paid for the x-rays so that they could call and tell me ahead of time what the plan was…NOT so that they could remove 11 teeth and tell me after the fact.  They assure me that this is fairly normal and that she will be fine.  I am most unhappy that no one notified me and when I did call, they were so casual about it.  So, I am waiting for her to come home so I can make her feel better…..I feel so bad.  So, so bad.

Sweet Cali - I am so sorry!

Two Weeks in November


The last two weeks have been a whirlwind from a big presentation at work to moving to a business trip to Nashville and a few more presentations.  I wasn’t sure two weeks ago how was going to fit all this in let alone do it well.  That seems to be the thing that hangs me up the most…if I am going to do something, I want to do it well.  And, if I can’t do it well….well, it bugs me A LOT!  I did my best over the past two weeks and seemed to make it through.  I didn’t do everything perfect or well, but I made it through the best that I could.  Here is the last two week in photos…quite a whirlwind if you ask me:

Work...Preparing for the Big Presentation

The messier my desk is…the more that gets done.  Of course, it cleaned every day before I leave.  See that saying below….”Be Decisive – Even if it means sometimes you’ll be wrong”  Love it.

Lots of Diet Pepsi Needed to Fuel this Journey....

Move Day...Glad That's Over

Gaylord Opryland....Mix Between Disney and Vegas maybe?

Downtown Nashville....Live Music at Every Stop

Live Music at "Losers" - Past American Idol Contestant

Still Rocking on Top of the Bar after 1am....Made for an Early Rise the Next Day

Gaylord Opryland....not so sure yet...

Couldn't Leave Nashville without BBQ - Jack's BBQ

Orange Glow on the Plane Ride West....

So, it was an eventful two weeks and I am glad to be home with a holiday week ahead of me so that I can settle in to our new house (to us) and nest a bit more.  All of the boxes have been unpacked and generally organized except for one room….the sewing room which is calling my name.  Then, after that, the fun of decorating and the entire house begins.

My Sewing Room....W A I T I N G

Before and after photos to come of the house….can’t wait to start decorating and putting new holes in the walls!!

Dog Days of Summer


Well, despite my love of fall, I haven’t forgotten that it is summer.  How could I when it is 80+ outdoors?

I decided that before I started any new projects this weekend, I had to finish a few projects that were lingering around for a little while.  First on the list was the “WAG” quilt.  This quilt is my own design inspired by some great moda fabric featuring all things dogs. The quilt is all my original design.  The quilt is pieced and appliqued and machine quilted.  Here’s the finished quilt:

The Entire Quilt - Double Appliqued Stars

Close Up On - Free Hand Quilting around Stars & Borders

Applique Around Edges

Close Up Detail of Appliques & Quilting

And, since I am all things dogs (woof woof), here’s another dog inspired project from a year ago.  I love black, white and red fabric to begin with…add in the dogs and it’s even cuter.  So, I made the cutest handbag ever with a matching accessory bag.  The inside of the handbag is a red fabric with three pockets in striped gray fabric.

Woof Woof Purse

Coordinating Accessory Bag "Woof Woof"

And, since this post is “dog-centric”, I would be remiss if I didn’t include my two assistants in this post.  Baja and Cali:

Cali - Getting a Little Grey (it's hard to turn grey when you're a brunette)

Baja - He is grey, but it's easy to hide when you are a blonde.

Overall, it was a good weekend.  I actually left my laptop at work for the long weekend.  That is a first.  It rained which is always a good thing in my book.  I had a few concentrated hours of sewing which is always good for the soul.  And, made it to yoga which is even better for the soul.  Ready for the week…which just so happens to be a short week!  Here’s hoping you have a great week as well.

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