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I made some progress on the tree quilt on Saturday.  I managed to quilt the entire top with a small stippling pattern.  I didn’t intend to do this all in one setting, but it just happened.  I had Adele playing in my ears and I lost track of time (which is very hard to do for me).  The setting was just right…my sewing room was rife with the mess of creativity.  I make a huge mess when I am ‘being creative’ as if that is really a state of being.  My husband is used to it as it has been 10 years since the first annual Christmas baking extravaganza which I am sure left him surprised by the disaster that I was able to turn the kitchen into.  Here’s the latest progress made yesterday:

I have also created a few new pages on the site which include photos of my past projects and places of inspiration.  Check them out.